Monday, March 25, 2013


Sorry about our break we have been doing alot!the grils are now in competive cheerleading!!!!!!!!Montana has her backhandspring!!!!!!Brittany is very very close to getting hers the girls already know that they will be doing compations again next year!!!!!!Again sorry about this long long break from posting we have been very busy!!! hope to get some pictures of the girls competeing!!!!!!

                                          Cousins Together Forever

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Florida Part 1

 Florida was so fun. We have the best family there is!!!!!  Pillow soft curls!!

 Swimming, swimming, swimming!!!


Montana and her dad!!
 go -karting

 Golfing, but first don't forget the pictures!!!
 Montana , Brittany ,and Kelsey
 All the kids!!!
 Brittany and her brother, Drew.
Montana and her family golfing!!!

Family Picture...Brittany's family
Pillow soft curls!!!
Montana's Family
Britty and her dad!!!


The girls are doing a whole lot better in gymnastics both of the girls got their backwalkovers. They are now working on backhandsprings. They are doing so well.  Their coach said that they should have their backhandsprings by February!!!!

                                                   Cousins Together Forever

Friday, September 7, 2012

They are going to level two and Montana has her back- bend- kick -over!!!Brittany almost has it but is struggling just a little bit!!!!!  have you ever heard of a chinstand well the girls can do that to!!!!!

                        COUSINS TOGETHER FOREVER

Monday, September 3, 2012


The girls are doing gymnastics and only been at this new place  and they have only been there a month and this month (maybe) be going to level 2 they are  so excited they can't wait!!!!! well anyway sorry we posted stuff so late but we are back we will probably get into some more posting hope you didnt forget us well got to go!!!!!

Thank you,
                 Cousins together forever <3

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fourth Of July!!!!!!!

We are doing forth of July tonight it is going to be so much. They are going to go swimming at there grandmas house.They are going to have so much fun!!!!They love fireworks!!!!Well got to leave soon we are going to have fun.

Thank you,
Cousins Together Forever

Qs and As: Answers

Brittany and Montana Got part 1 of the answers video done hope you like. If you want to ask us a question post it here.

                                                           Thanks! Cousins Together Forever!

Pillow Soft Curls

Montana and Brittany got Pillow Soft Curls from Walgreens and they love them. What you have to do is get your hair wet or take a shower. They have no heat. Then you curl them up in your hair and sleep in them. and in the morning their will be curly hair.
Sorry about the bad quality of pics. but I took them with my webcam. Here is Brit in the morning

The back of her hair.

Crazy Girl

With the pup!

Then the girls decided they wanted to play football with the pillow soft curls.

Britt catching the curl or football.


Montana catching the curl and waving at the camera.

Nice Smile

Britt and Tannie

5 Minutes later they lost interest and I had to pick up.

Qs and As ........

The questions for our Qs and As Contest are going to be answered today at 1:00 pm. We have a total of 31 questions. These questions are from our other blogs,our facebook ,and our Youtube.If you still want to ask a question post it here!!


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Busy Weekend

Well, our busy weekend starts on Saturday when Brittany and her Mom and Montana and her Mom went Shopping!! We all Shopped at Khols, Jcpenny,Big lots and we ate at Applebees. At Khols Brittany and Montana went to the girls section when the Moms went to the Womens section.The girls were acting weird when we went over to where they were. They picked out dresses, Outfits,and shoes. In the dressing room was crazy.The girls were acting like superstars and doing a little catwalk. When they were suppose to hand their clothes that they were buying to us they threw the clothes over the door and said "There is Flyin Clothes!" The girls both got a tank top that has a road sign then on the sign it says One way my way. They are going to wear those to Florida when we go go-carting.At Jcpennys we had to exchange an outfit and we bought a birthday present for the girls's grandma. We ate at Applebees. We talked about going to Florida and the more we talk about it the excited we get. When we got done eating we got in the car and we were like so hot we could be melting...Lol. The high this week was 108 degrees ! Wow! At big lots the girls got stuff for their room. Montana got a seat that you can put stuff in and Brittany got a storage cart with a seat that you can put stuff in also . Here's Brittany's Stuff from Biglots and her fav. outfit! PS. excuse my non paragraphing! Lol
My Fav. Pose...
.......Her fav. Pose

There Will Be Pictures of Montana up soon!!...Ps. Excuse by non paragraphing. Lol

   Now on Sunday we went to the girls's grandma's house to celebrate her birthday!!! Brittany got her a card and a cup to take to Florida. Montana got her a card and curlers.They were proud! They had a yummy jello cake and homemade icecream....YUM! The girls and the family sang Happy Birthday and the girls rearanged the candles in the cake to be a circle with her in the middle.We looked at our house we will be staying in in is beautiful there is a game room and a huge pool! Then the kids played a quick game of baseball outside. Then sadly it was time to go home. We had a great weekend!!! Happy Birthday Mimi!!! We love you!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Guitar Hero Fun

Playin Guitar Hero On Thanksgving! I dont know who won. They had a blast!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The girls are happy because they get to spend the night at there grandmas house they are together forever!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


The blog is about cousins  going thourgh life and being together forever.And thank you god for everthing.Thank you god for family friends and cousins......We are so thank you to have this blog

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fun Fun Fun!!

Today the girls played wipeout in the backyard. They used a slip 'n' slide, a cooler, a raincoat, a yoga mat, the hose, the swing set slide, and they put water on the trampoline. Also the girls  had singing lessons they practised Baby by Justin Bieber. They are getting better and better each day. They practised there dance for make your mark on Disney Channel. They really want to go on Americas Got Talent to sing they have to practise alot. I dont know if the will actually go on Americas Got Talent.Montana spent the night with Brittany and they are going to sleep in the living room.

The video from today will be up soon!

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Reason

The reason this blog was created is to show how cousins can be sisters through the good and the bad. Cousins are there even when there not. Cousins are Amazing for company and fun times and to laugh and enjoy life thats why God created Cousins.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Qs and As Contest

The girls doing the Qs and As contest anounsment!!!

Qs and As!!

Please comment on facebook or here for questions you would like to ask one of the girls. and also like us on facebook. The girls love answering questions. We love are fans too so please like us on facebook they will be so Happy to have questions and more fans. Please comment as much as you possibly can. The questions will be answered by July 1st! We will make a video of the girls answering the questions!


Note: Please just have fun and everything in that nature!
No negative questions! Thank you! We love fans!

News and Important News!

Hello, the girls had so much fun last night as they watched Dance Moms! Montana and Brittany were shocked when Kelly's kids got on probation.they also said " Way to go Mackenzie"! Also Montana's gramdpa turned 68 not.He is doing soo well he walked yesterday!!!!!!Brittany found two kittens last night at her grandmas!!!!!!                    
That night Montana spent the night with Brittany and they slept on the couch in the living room. They played on the laptop and their Kindle Fires. In the morning they danced then went to their grandmas. Now they are watching Victorious and playing on their Kindles.

If you would like to ask Brittany or Montana  a Question ask here or if you have a Facebook you can go to our page there please. Just put Cousins Together Forever in on Facebook and we would be happy to answer your question. They will answer the Questions by July 1st.     
                           Thank You!! Cousins Together Forever!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

good news!!!!!

Today Brittany got her new softball bat , it red and white it is v-grip. She has been shining the bat but I hope she knows she has to hit with it sometime soon. Also going on today is the birthday of Montana's grampas B-day!!!!!!!!! He is 62!!! Montana's grampas name is Jerry he was not doing well in health and had a heartattac....but he lived!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is a funny story ....Jerry was not well..his blood pressure was 89 and Montana got him a chocolate shake and his blood pressure went to 118!!! He is doing awesome to this day! Back to Brittany. Brittany is so excited for dance class starting on July 17 but, we leave for vacation on July 13 that is the sad part.So she is missing the first week.We are all celebrating  Fathers day today and it is going to be exciting!!Montana is spinning the nigt with Brittany the girls are going to watch Dance Moms at 9:00!!